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Furnished Apartment for Rent Dhaka

If you are looking for a furnished apartment in Gulshan,Banani, Baridhara, Bashundhara so you have come to the right place. There are several furnished apartments available in Gulshan. We will provide you with many fascinating and appealing amenities to make your stay in Gulshan furnished apartments quite enjoyable. Gulshan furnished apartments have everything you need for a comfortable lifestyle. We will provide you with the best-furnished apartment in Gulshan that you will enjoy.we always committed to care your better service.

Furnished Apartments are those that have every amenity accessible. When an apartment, everybody prefers a furnished apartment because it meets all of their facilities. We have many apartments for your living in furnished apartments. The people who are finding for leading life easier..


Gulshan, in its entirety, was intended to be a suburban area, but time has taken it in a new direction and is now a business center for both small and large businesses. All of them are headquarters for all types of enterprises. And there are impressive towers for big companies. You will see buildings like The Tower of Cityscape, Glass House, and the Crystal Palace, only to name a couple, driving down the central lane. You can see some of the most excellent houses in the whole town if you walk along inner paths. Gulshan 1 is really a sophisticated and chic venue.


Transport must take the best possible form in such an essential area of the world. There are several options for public transportation for passengers in this area. The coach routes run primarily from Mohakhali to Badda and rest along the main roundabout of Gulshan 1, linking the whole city with each other. Gulshan 1 has its own bus service, named Dhaka Chaka, and the traffic condition in the region has significantly improved. However, Gulshan 1 needed more versatility and has a water ferry to close the areas so that an individual is as late as possible in traveling.

Educational Institutions

Gulshan 1's wealth has contributed to the surroundings of several families. And the desire for much schooling lies in many families. In addition to the future of the urban population, the services available here ensure that their children are in safe hands. Schools such as the Chittagong Grammar School Dhaka (CGSD), Islamic International School & College (Girl's Campus), Australian International School, and the International Sea Breeze School are ideal sites for children who require the schooling and treatment they need to learn and manage their land. Gulshan 2 has many schools and educational facilities to serve children in its budding communities who are lucky enough to have homes here and in the surrounding regions. Education is quickly reached by everyone, such that no child falls behind, from Scholastica School Gulshan to Manarat Dhaka International School and College.

Medical Institutions

Gulshan 1 is renowned for its trade and food elements. Gulshan 1. But medical facilities are indispensable in such a populous city. The Surecell Medical Center, the Cure Medical Center, and the Fairways Medical Center Ltd are several clinics. Around the Gulshan 2 region, there are several hospitals and treatment facilities to meet everyone's needs. Next to them, Lab Aid and United hospitals are two important names and places that should be recognized. These two are the country's most esteemed hospitals, and the northern and southern half of Gulshan 2 are uniformly spread apart.

Parks and Recreation

Gulshan has been well scheduled everywhere. There is dedicated office space, an excellent residential property allocation, and even recreational activities were taken into consideration. There is plenty of spots for playing, jogging, and just to chill, like Gulshan, Gulshan Lake Park, and the Youth Club (GYC). GYC is the area's most popular place for leisure. The park, basketball court, and jogging path are accessible to everyone, and the club members have a squash court. It's not here, though, the only club. Points like the Nordic Club, the Dutch Club, and International Club Dhaka are all over you with embassies and global delegates.

Religious Institution

Any area has to provide people with a place of worship. The Gulshan 1 has several popular masjids, one on the main road from the Gulshan 1 road to Police Plaza, next to the DNCC Market. An enormous field like Gulshan 2 demands a suitable size for the devotees. To the north is the Jame Masjid Gulshan Company nestling around the edge of a lovely lake and forest. To the South, and the greater of both mosques is the famous Masjid Gulshan Central Mosque(Azad Masjid) with its distinctive architectural pillars and vast empty areas. It was considered to be by many as the most beautiful mosque in the world.

If you want those facilities. You have to buy or rent a furnished apartment in Gulshan. Those are exciting facilities for living.

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